Fish On !!! Bait and Tackle name is Joe Montello , I am the owner of Fish On !!! Bait and Tackle we are located on the north end of Pymatuning Lake on the corner of Rt. 6 and Rt.7 . we are a small mom amd pop shop . For right now I will be carrying tackle that pertains mainly to Pymatuning but plan on expanding as we grow ....See you on the Lake ....Fish On !!!
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Lucky Jack Lighted Bobber.....6.49 each + tax

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Thill Lighted Floats.....$6.59 each + tax


This lighted float is great for chasing Crappies at night , different sizes available
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Crawler Harnesses.....Mono Rigs: $1.89 each + tax; Wire Rigs: $2.19 each + tax

I have different color options to choose from , this is just a portion of what I have

Tru-Turn Snelled Hooks.....$2.29 ..a pack + tax

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Suckerspawn Flies......$.89 each + tax

These flies are all hand tied, by me. If you are looking for a specific color or hook size, please ask.
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Power Pro Line.....$12.50 for a 100 yard spool + tax


This line works real well when wading for walleyes in the spring. You can really feel the bite !!!
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